Do you think the money surrounding Lote Tuqiri is worth it?

Question:The guy is a winger and he is getting paid millions by Union for just sitting and waiting on the wing in hope. He might as well go back to Fiji climb a tree and get some coconuts.
Now i think 5 league teams want him, i mean what must he be thinking? Its not worth it.


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Talented or not I think he just chases the dollar sign irrespective of the code. He is a handy player but I would not say one of the best in either code. He is quick if he finds a gap but other than that I don't think I'd be paying that sort of money for him. To me he lacks commitment and consistency.

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you have a point... why pay him for not doing anything...

As a long time Dragons fan, will they?

He is a great finisher, but definately not worth the money ! Better to invest in youthful players or sponsor the Fijian Competition thus capturing the local export market on the chance of signing their best for next to nothing !

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He's not worth half of what they pay him. Union pays him heaps just to keep him out of league. I'm glad they finally gave up on Rogers, they should do the same with Tuqiri

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he move to the union for more money than he want to go back to nrl but he will not get the same money as he got from the other he is not a playmaker like joey and lockey.why spend more money on him.when there are a lot of young talent waiting for their chances on the biggest game of all.the national rugby leauge.

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