If you are the ceo of any nrl club would you sign anthony mundine into your playing roaster?


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Wow, nice question!! Personally I probably wouldn't, choosing to err on the side of caution. I'd need to see him play a few games consistently before even considering that option. He has a habit of changing his mind about League and I would be more inclined to spend my money on someone consistent and with a good work ethic as I feel that would benefit a team. Speed in the ring doesn't necessarily equate to speed on the field anymore. I'd expect his reflexes and co- ordination would be good, but attitude accounts for a lot and he would have to convince me that his is in the right mental space.

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i don't think that i would...

Which game started first, Rugby League or Rugby Union?

The answer is most defiantly NOT. You must take into consideration the fact that Anthony Mundine is not very well received by most in the game (Both fans and players alike), and that he has a knack of attracting negative and unwanted media attention, which could be quite damaging to your teams profile and moral. It is all about Anthony, where he is concerned.
There are much better young players coming through from SG ball and Reserve grades than what Mundine ever was, or could have been.

Mark geyer the nrl player what was his brother inlaws name?

Only if I was Russell Crowe would I even consider him ! Than only if he played for nothing or an incentive WIN contract. As long as there was no signage fee and he wasn't included under the salary cap would I even look at him ! Playing for Souths would be a logical choice though, but he would have to earn the opportunity and be forced to beat a lot of good men. Anyone remember Jeff Fenechs uneventful debut for Parramatta ? A great boxer (or more to the point with Fenech Fighter) doesn't make a topline Footballer. Mundine has been out of the game for too long, he would be sorely tested and he gave Laure Daley a sledging for "running on old legs" I think he would prove the same now.

The only club could be Souths, he might further raise their profile and encourage Aboriginal kids to remain in the game, thus help to develop a little dynamo out there somewhere ! but he is also a Huge liability and would generate a lot of bad press, in the end he would end up owing the Club a couple of hundred thousand dollars through fines and disciplinary action.

Definately NOT a team player and would cause disharmony at any Club, therefore NO not worth the risk, he was never liked when he was playing, he would expect to be named in every Rep Team before day 1.

Definately Not ! But perhaps he could play for the Umina Bunnies or Newtown Jets as a feeder Club in the Bundy Cup and so we could keep an eye on him, again under an incentive contract on a Win basis only.


Hell no

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