Australian rules football is the best sport to ever exist?

i play the the incredible game as you can tell by my id i was wondering if anybody disagreed


Who should i tip parramatta eels or Canberra Raiders?

Yes, wholeheartedly. I like my teeth and I chuckle every time I come across it on TV before quickly changing it.

Russell Crowe flexing?

it is pretty good...

2007 State of Origin?

o yeah, of course it is.

When will the sydney swans get a new gersey?

yeah mate i love Aussie rules, definitely the best game in the world along side cricket,i played for 22 years at club level.

forget the so called world game its a joke,if the rest of the world get so exited about 1-2 goals for an 80 minute game and little else happening that's there problem, and they are probably just as dull-that's why they need to start riots,to liven things up.

What are the rules of raquetball?

Yes it most certainly is!
I don't play the game but aint nothing better then going for a kick of the footy! I follow it religiously and can not get into any other sport in the same way.
Bring on season 2007! I am going to the WCE & Freo game this Sunday and although it is only NAB Cup, a footy game is a footy game!

What is phil waughs wallaby playing number?

Agree 100%

How many teams are in the AFL?

Totally agree with you dude. Aussie rules is a great game, played with pace and skill. But the future of the AFL footy too me will be ruined by the rules committee. Too many changes, its ruining our great game.

Where can i find A.F.L. live stream AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL any help?

100% Agree
Car'n the Bombers!!

Has anyone?

I love it!!!!! No sport is better and anyone who disagrees just doesn't know what they're on about. It's the only thing I don't like about summer, the fact that there is no footy on. Can't wait until the season starts, Go Lions!!!!

What State is each team from?

You live in Victoria...? LoL, it's pretty Great...I loved the Grand Final last year and still can't believe the Swans only lost by 1 Point!! Bring on this season for sure...but I gotta say that Rugby League is also up with a good chance for the best sport ever to exist =P

Rosedale or Heyfield?

haven't seen or tried every sport so can't give a conclusive answer to this. However i love the game and hope it will be here for thousads f years so other generations can enjoy the (possibly) greatest spectator sport of all time

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