Do you prefer League or Union? Why?


What sort of style are certain teams noted for?

league, too many rucks and senseless kicking in union.

plus there is no state of origin.

Peyton manning fans out there?

I wasn't a aware there was an Aussie football union, but I'd say league. If your talking about rugby I'd say Union.

Should the trial games in the nrl be scrap to protects players from injuries befor the start of the season?

League...cos the pace is quicker than Union which has phases and goes on and on instead of a tackle count which makes League more basic.

What kind of football is played in the ANZAC Day match? Who is playing and where is it played?

unon has to many stopage and the backs are rarely see the ball.a team can win on penalty kicks.and its boring to watch ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.bring on the nrl anytime.

Best Athlete ever?

As a Victorian who has no idea of the rules of either code I prefer watching Rugby Union for some reason- it just seems more rough, muddier and unorganised plus I hate listening to those rugby league commentators. Watching rugby union it appears to me that not even the players know all the rules so I guess I find it entertaining.

Who is the best looking austalian football player?

League, for sure. League has a much better home game (we have the NRL) and Union - I don't even know. It's like the 'Super 14s' (get over yourself) or something. Have you ever watched the games? I don't get Union. It looks like an excuse for guys to touch each other in the ruck, but ya know, that's just me. League is alot more structured and therefore, alot easier for people to follow, which does lead to a bigger audience and the ability to run national comps. and things like State of Origin (which is awesome). And the Australian Rugby League Team don't suck quite as much as the Wallabies do, LoL

Which afl team do you barrack for?

At a domestic level id say i preferred rugby league (go storm) but at a national level you can,t go past the union i.e Aussie vs All blacks,the world cup,tri nations,it seems to me at a national level there is more prestige and history in union than league.
i mean the big event is the union world cup,and the league world cup is like its little brother.

Lions rule yeah?

neither. .
alf is heaps better!

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