Did you hear about Russell Crowe axeing cheerleaders?


Is Kevin sheedy to old to coach?

yes. is that his wife's thumb print i see on his forehead! LOL

Were was the first Rugby League game played and who played in it?

Do you mean "asking". You black?

Who's telecasting the 2007 Rugby World Cup in Oz?

He can get out of control !!

Will freo ever win the flag and when arthey a better side than freo?

Yeah i did. He is bringing dummers (male and female) in instead as he didn't want male spectators to feel uncomfortable anymore. His wife applauded the idea.

Do past afl players no when to give up?

just the headlines. Didn't read it.

Who won tonights game between st kilda and brissy lions.?

he a dick. he cant sing either. or act. damn, dont confuse him with other New Zealanders. please

Now that the Super 12 is the Super 14 is it staying that way or will we have the Super 15 or 16 soon?

Yes he said it was too much of a distraction to the game . Plus they're so scantily dressed that dads bringing their sons might be embarassed.

Yup Russell's become a daddy and there are nuanaces he's never thought about before .

How many players total play in AFL in each team? Australian Football League?

Its funny he said it was a distraction to the game because the Rabbits were getting smashed all the time! Now the fans wont even go unless they really are deseprate. I guess its got a touch of irony about it.

Should St Kilda sign Wendell Sailor?

yes they are gooone

What's your view on the west coast eagles players ignorin the auskick kids understandable or disgrasful & why?

Yep it was his wifes idea (he's whipped now). Watch out Jason Taylor you could be next

Do you agree that the brisbane broncos won the game bcoz of bad ref desicions?

he is the boss so he can do whatever he wants for souths.i think that how he will pay the cheergirls if the team aint winning games.so if the rabbitohs are again not winning games this season then who needs the cheergirls.they might aswell beat their drums to annoy the other teams and maybe this is what they need to win the games.

Great win by melbourne?

There's no point paying cheerleaders if there is no one at the game to see them. What happened to the 80+ thousand people who attended the rallies to get them back in? He is bringing in the drummers to try and make the noise the crowd would have if Souths had any supporters.

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