Australian rugby team vs Indianapolis Colts or Chicago bears ?

who will win if both teams play rugby in one day and football in the other


Does anyone know the BWS footy tipping password for this week?

If they play rugby one day 1, most of the football players will be injured, so that the rugby team will win that game as well.

Take away the pads and the football players are not even half as tough as they pretend to be.

But to make it a safe victory, let the All Blacks do that job :oP

Where do the Bombers normally have their after match function when playing in Adelaide?

The Bears. Even though I like the Colts.

In terms of crowd numbers and TV ratings is which footy code is more popular - Aussie Rules or Rugby League?

Rugby is about brawn and I would back them against an American football team any day and from this Aussie Rules fans yeah give them to the All Blacks (New Zealanders) the Haka alone would nearly kill them and if not well they would probably all be in hospital after 10 minutes or so. If for some obvious reason they wernt keen on taking on the all blacks and thought that they would take on an Aussie rules team.. forget it we don't wear all that padding and nonsense .. Aussie rules is genuinely bone crunching stuff with out all that girlie padding and there are no time outs or what ever and if you get laid out (knocked unconscious)- play just goes on around you until you are drug off the ground by the team assistants or come around enough to stagger off. Yep all the Americans I have met who have gone to an Australian rules game are amazed that no one is seriously injured let alone killed - so do you really think that your teams could handle a bunch of wild colonial boys?

Why is AFL so much BETTER than soccer??

Americans love violence, yet I have never understood why they haven't embraced rugby or Aussie Rules....

Who would be the test australian rugby league fullback this season or beyond?

I would say for short bursts of energy (a play a rest, a couple more plays and rests, then a big rest while the ball changes hands) it would have to be the NFL players.

For endurance and still being able to have quick bursts (staying on the field playing both offence and defence, all players needing to tackle, run the ball, pass the ball etc, and playing a game that has 80 mins of playing time with few substitutions or breaks) I would have to say rugby.

we get very little quality rugby to watch in the United States as there is no paid professionals here and it costs a fortune to watch games here (11 american dollars a month for 1 channel added to your satelite bill that few people can get anyway, or 20-30 american dollars a game on pay per view). Unless a person here is already into rugby, they will probably never see a quality match.

American football was created to be a safer version of rugby (the Americans at the time had strange and dangerous rugby rules that differed from the rest of the world and many prople got hurt)

------Back in the days football players without pads nearly killed each other. As time went on they got smarter and started to wear pads, and unto his day still the same type of group more advanced pads. If you were to see the brits or NZ play backthen they look like p***sies playing, UNTIL those ppolynesians started playing and they ended up haveing to twist the rules up little bit (e.i. the banned spearing becuz the tongans samoans moari's were too fearless for them). To tell you the TRUTH American WHiteboys are way too tuff for them brittish whiteboys and NZ.

Who won the charity shield tonight between dragons and souths? What was the score?

well, here in australia we dont wear pads all over our body, and helmets, like some sissy sport. our AFL players would smash the NFL guys into oblivion

and our AFL guys run 10 miles in a match that goes 80 minutes, with no stopagges every 30 seconds. so NFL guys would be stuffed after about... 30 seconds.

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