Aussie rule or rugby?


Who is more hotter Billy Slater or Benji Marshall? And who do you think is the best NRL team? (COWBOYS)?

This is largely dependent on and influenced by what you have grown up with. Personally I love all our football codes, AFL, League, Union and Football(Soccer) which has come on rather well. We in Australia are really lucky to have such choices. They are all enjoyable for their own reasons and all have their own levels of skill.

Which NRL team has impressed you most so far this season and why?

League is best out of these two, definately rugby.

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quite different sports! played both - they are both great for different reasons

aussie rules - fast and athletic

rugby - brutal and aggressive

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Aussie Rules is best. It's much faster and more exciting. The crowd are way better too as they are more involved and on average there would have to be about 40000 more at an AFL match than an NRL and Rugby Union match combined.

Football Academy?

Give me Aussie Rules over crappy rugby any day

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Well they are two entirely different things its a bit like comparing bananas to apples. Rugby tends to be restricted to NSW and QLD and is a slower moving game dependent on physical presence and or agression. Ruby semms to be about getting the ball and trying to charge/barge your way through a wall of oppostion players who take great delight in jumping on you to see how big a dent in the ground they can make with you. Occaisionally some one does get through the wall and gets away to score a try but they are usually a long time coming. There are two types of Rugby - league and union- but I cant tell you which is which other than in one after the opposition jumps on you about 5 times you have to kick the ball or get it taken of you.
I do watch the state of origin and occaisional international but frankly prefer aussie rules. Aussie rules is generally a lot faster moving and played on a much bigger area with 4 quarters rather than rugby's halves. The players are allowed to take play backwards if they think it will help open up the field and it seems to be a more fluid continuous play than rugby. I also think that theres a bit more strategy/tactics in how AFL is played primarily due to the mobilty and interchangability of players. Afl dominates all the 4 remaining States and apparently NT and Papua as well. My vote goes to AFL as I can happily watch it at all levels right down to school level but I can only tolerate Rugby at elite level.

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Aussie rules hands down,
faster game
more athletic
higher scoring
bigger crowds
just as hard physically as rugby
longer time to play(so you can drink more beers at the game)
spectacular marks(catches) and goals
good atmosphere
unique to Australia

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AFL for sure. Much more skill and more exciting. Much better live than on TV.

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no doubt about it AUSSIE RULES

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