Does any1 know AFL payer Dale Thomas?

Who go 4 collingwood coz I do an Dale Thomas Is da BOMB!


Who thinks the state of origin is not like it was before?


Dale thomas is a gun
if he didnt injure himself he would have won rising star

and hes way better than marc murphy

Why does Nathan Brown survive?

his not bad but his not the best

Will the AFL Grand Final always be held in Melbourne or will it move to other cities in future?

he's crap! marc murphy 4 the blues is 10 times better. i hope he does his knee first round.

Aussies only. What year were the Steelers named and by whom?

i go for the dogs but he is an awesome player and he's really hot

Will collingwood finish in the top 4 at the end of the home and away rounds ?

Yes he is a first year player with "Great" potential, where's number 13, and comes from Drouin, Ablett territory. The da BOMB! bit has lost me though.!! Please dont terrorise him with too much expectation! This time last year he was unknown , now begining his 2nd year, he is being targeted by opposition clubs, the media and nig nongs from the public who want to build him up and cut him down.

Who are the best rugby league players. AUSTRALIA or new..??

What on earth are you asking? Do you want ot know if we know him personally or if we have heard of him becaseu if its the latter- who hasnt! You say he's a "bomb" do you meanf they he wasnt playing well or do you mean he destroyed everyone that came near him- obviously the latter is the case.

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