Do you have to be a certain height to play professional AFL in Australia?


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No the only requirement is that you are good at getting the ball, good at getting it to your team mates, and can handball /kick accurately so as to get the ball, and be able to give it to your team mates or kick goals. It helps to be tall because marking the ball is an important means of getting and controlling the ball- if you are really short your opponent would probably out mark you all the time. I have seen some great small players and take a look at how tall the past legend of Collingwood-Lou Richards or Hawthorns Platten are, they are not very big at all and Platten he was like a ferret because his size made him able to get in and out of packs quickly and pick the ball up off the ground while running (which is hard for taller players). Platten was fast and agile making him hard to catch. There certainly is a place for small players but the height disadvantage means that they really have to excel in the other areas.

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no dont know

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Well most players are generally tall. But I don't think AFl has a height restriction.

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No I don't think so just as long as you know your game and you are a good player and really,really want to play AFL then height should not be a problem. You could always check the AFL website for information.

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No, but the game has changed a lot in the past twenty years. Smaller players could get in amongst it as rovers (on-ballers). But it has changed to be an aerial game, and height is an advantage. That being said, your best asset is speed. Some of the best players have not been too tall, but have been very fast (Mcleod, Burgoyne come to mind). And fitness helps - you have to be able to run all day.

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no there is no restriction players heights range from roughly-175cm to 210cm and the average around 185cm as long as your good enough you can play at the highest level.

Why is geelong the best team?

absolutely anyone can play top level AFL footy. if a person has a the skills, teams dont care how tall you are so long as their team wins and every one plays well enough.

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no, being tall has it's advantages in certain positions for example if your only 170cm tall you wouldn't go playing at full-forward or as a ruckman, but there are also advantages if you are short they usually get around quicker and get a lot of the ball, rovers are more often than not the shortest bloke on the team. Some of the best players in the AFL aren't very tall for example Ben Cousins isn't very tall

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More players these days tend to be on the tall side but there is still a place for shorter players BUT they have to be quick. Think Aaron Davey.

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depending on the position you play.

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you can be as tall as you want if you are good enough...

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no, but the afl must recognise you as a good player.

Who's the best Australian Rules Football player of all time?

No,athough height is an advantage. The main criteria however is a player' s abillity to win the ball (possesion) and correct and precise delivery by hand and and foot (disposal.)

After 2 rounds who do u see winning the comp?

Not at all. You just have to be dam good!!

But some teams may choose the taller player over the small guy if those 2 ranked pretty close

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