Do you think the new team in nrl comp'goldcoast titans'will make it to the top 8 this coming seasons?


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Not A Chance Give them A few seasons & They May make a dint in the top 8

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The Gold Coast Titans have a fairly good team but right now they are all talk. This is because they are yet to play a decent match
If they want to get in the top 8 they'll have to find some good form (and the do have the talent) and win lots of matches
However their team could meet the same fate as South Sydney a few years ago wher, despite the fact that they had a great line-up nothing went to plan.
But I'm hoping they'll be a success!



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I would say no.

The only chance is if the teams that were in the top eight last year start to flop.
I also found that in AFL 10 years ago when Port entered the AFL it made the Crows play better as some of the media attention was shifted away from them. Hopefully this will be the same case for the Broncos.

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Not A Chance. Theyve got good halfs, Good Forwards, But they lack strike power and depth with the recent loss of Turner and Carney, Although they do got Rogers he could prove to be past it, Whos gonna partner him in the Centers (Paea, Pftttt).
Mathers is ok, in fact hes ver good but top 8 is a bit out of sight for the Titans this year.

As for the Bunnies I think they have a exellent chance.
Broncos for the title.

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they should do with that great side they have, but they will not go all the way.

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Well, you saw what happened to Western Force in the Super 14

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