If Wendell Sailor is guilty of taking recreational drugs should he be banned from playing?

OK so recreational drugs (marajuana, cocaine etc) are illegal but they're not performance enhancing (quite the opposite!). How long will he/should he be banned for?


Do the dragons have what it takes to win the premiership after flogging the knights last night?

By not banning him, the ARU would be declaring these so called recreational drugs legal in their game, when they are clearly illegal.

Who was the first captain of the rugby league kangaroos?

Yes because its not fair against otheres and plus he sucks

Who do you think will win the Coleman Medal?

the answer is that if he is very ill u should not be waitting around the fire

Wayne bennett may not be the queensland coach?

Yes, he does suck at rugby, and he did get caught taking a recreational drug. What I would like to know is if it would have been a normal guy getting caught drunk at work what would have happened then. I think he knew what he was doing got caught and now there is nothing he can do but cop it sweet. He's a clown and a **.

What is wayne bennets winning percentage for the broncos?

Quite simply...YES!

When was the last time a team finished with the wooden spoon and won the AFL Grand Final in the same season?

no it pot it make you slow

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