Apart from Australia, NZ and England, do any other countries play rugby league?


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Yes. France did and PNG do. It is the national sport of PNG. There are minor leagues in other countries such as the Lebanon. The following nations are members of the Rugby League International Federation.

* Australia
* Cook Islands
* Fiji
* France
* Great Britain
* New Zealand
* Papua New Guinea
* Russia
* Samoa
* South Africa
* Tonga

Of those, Australia has played tests against England, New Zealand, France and PNG. England, Scotland and Wales have also played international matches outside of Great Britain.

The non-test nations include:

* Argentina
* American Samoa
* Canada
* Estonia
* Georgia
* Germany
* Greece
* Ireland
* Italy
* Jamaica
* Japan
* Lebanon
* Malta
* Moldova
* Morocco
* Portugal
* New Caledonia
* Netherlands
* Niue
* Serbia
* Singapore
* Solomon Islands
* Tokelau
* United States
* Wales
* West Indies

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South Africa?

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Papua New Guinea


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