Difference between rugby and aussie rules footy?


What is the AFL's policy regarding drugs? Do players need to test positive 3 times before being in trouble?

Rugby is played on a rectangular field and points are awarded for tries (when the ball is touched on the ground past the try line), conversions and field goals (when the ball is kicked through the goal posts above a horizontal bar). The ball can only be passed backwards.

Australian Rules is played on an oval field, there is no restriction on the direction of foot or hand passes and points are awarded for goals kicked through the two larger sticks or behinds kicked just missing the goals but within a smaller stick (two of which sit laterally to the goal posts). In Australian Rules a player must make an effort to dispose of the ball when tackled, which they need not do in rugby.

In Australia, rubgy is the main sport of New South Wales and Queensland, whilst Australian rules is the main sport of Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

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in rugby you can only pass back and you must either cross the goaline to score points or kick it over the bar..in aussie rules you can go forward or back and each time the person catches a kick they get a free kick from that mark. in aussie rules to score points you must kick the ball between either hte centre goal for 6 points or the outside goals for 1 point.

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