Even with 2 tries that should not have been given and with help from the ref?

Amen baby! Eagles are just hitting their stride. It couldn't happen at a better time in the season. Just remember the Steelers last year. Everyone wrote them off in mid season and look what happened to them. The Eagles might just be the best team in the NFC at this very moment.

What's gone wrong with the Sydney Swans this year? Can they win the AFL in 2006?

yea Garcia is really stepping it up!. They're in the playoffs

E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!

Collingwood's New "Generation" Captain ?


Who else thinks that the rule changes made this year are a disgrace and an insult to supporters?

I'll agree...any team but the Cowboys!

Is there a women's rugby league in Cairns?


What is phil waughs wallaby playing number?


Has there ever been an injury at an Australian Rules Football game?

GO STEELERS! hey at least they are in the same state...lol

2007 state of origin?

yeah no offense to donovan mcnabb but his eagles are better without him. garcia is on fire and is what 5-1 as a starter wow thats amazing.

How do you think the A-League will go in its 2nd season? And who will win it?

yeah, a good cross-section of the AMERICAN IDIOT, answering a question in the australian section with a bunch of crap about the NFL.

oh, yeah i think west coast eagles can win the premiership again for sure. them and adelaide are favorites.

Who's happy the Panthers beat Broncos tonight?

no!!!!!!!! essendon all da way bro

Do you agree that the brisbane broncos won the game bcoz of bad ref desicions?

I don't think that most of the teams mentioned above are in the AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE (stoopid Americans, too much time on their hands, think the world revolves around them)
Oh yeah....GO MAGPIES!!!

Who is your favourie AFL player?


Who won the AFL premiership in 1991?

GO Pack GO!

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