AFL 2007 -who will be the improvers and fallers.?


Mat Rogers has now signed with The Gold Coast - does the Gold Coast have an unlimited salary cap?

Improve: Essendon; finally have some young decent midfielders coming through.
Bulldogs; hate them as a team but with Rodney Eade as coach and signing some experience to a young list lookout

Decline: Adelaide; they got lucky last year
Collingwood; nothing special coming through

Would like to say Richmond but any team with P.Bowden in it is in trouble.

Why do you all hate bulldogs fans. we are not all bad???

West Coast: I know they won the flag, but no losses of personal except for Banfield and the return of Nicoski as well as one more year in a relatively young list means they will only get better.
Freo: Inclusions of Tarrant and Solomon, as well as a new found belief in themselves after 2006 means they will be challenging West Coast.
Bulldogs: So many injuries in 2006, they have to improve.

Adelaide: ageing list.
Collingwood: i hate them.
Melbourne: It's an odd year.
St. Kilda: Ruck stocks a worry.

Who thinks willy masons actions?

Team wise: The eagles are going DOWN. Everybody knows Sydeny so should have won the Grand Final (OK So I go for Sydney, So what?? lol) Atleast the Swans are always making the news for assult charges, drug busts, drink driving etc etc. I mean what a team. The day after they won the Grand Final they said that they would DEFINATLEY win it this year again. AS IF! If they are as good as they think they are why did they only win by A POINT? HUH?

Which NRL team has impressed you most so far this season and why?

Improvers -

Bulldogs, great squad, confident, good coach.

Tigers, improving list of players, great motivator for a coach.

Freo, could take the next step?

Fallers -

Collingwood, over rated side, only made finals last year cos of massive luck with injuries

Saints, the premiership window is closing, old list. The guys loved Grant too

What is the Diameter for AAmi stadium, wide and long?!?

I think Port or Bulldogs will inprove and to fall might be Adelaide

Whos gonna win the FINAL!?!?!?

The failures: St Kikda: Ageing side, had there chances in the last 4 years, Thomas was not the right coach for that list of players.
Melbourne : due to have a bad season.
Sydney: Still a good side,unfortunately injuries and lack of drive to succeed again, will drop out of the 8.

The improvers : Adelaide has 1 last chance to win the premiership with current list. Will win the big one.
Essendon will make the 8.
Western Bulldogs : will finish top 3, possibly grand final appearance.
Carlton will get off bottom of ladder, may jump to 10th.

Does anyone know why lang park (now suncorp) was called 'the cauldron"?

Essendon - my beloved Bombers have sured up the defence with the recruiting of Mal Michael, which means Scott Lucas can stay up teh ground. The prospects of a forward line including Lloyd, Lucas, Hird,!

Richmond - the Tigers have improved 2 years in a row with Terry Wallace and I think they will finish 6th this year. Have a very exiting squad and could follow the trail of the Doggies.

Adelaide - after 2 years of dominance during the regular season equalling no finals success, the Crows will have a big downer this year. Their ruck is a worry with Biglands injured, Clarke now at St Kilda and Hudson just coming back from injury.

Brisbane - Hard to say they will fall after the slide of the last couple of years, but they will embark on a journey similar to that of the Aussie cricket team of the 80's after the big 3 retired. With everything that is going on up there, I am tipping the Lions to unfortunantely prevent Carlton from a hat-trick of wooden spoons, and that this will be Leigh Matthews' last year as coach.

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