Are people aware that Australian Rules Football is more than the AFL which is but one league as is the SANFL?

People always talk about the AFL as if it is synonymouswith AustralianRule Football. Australian Rules is a football code and ther AFL is but one competition playing that code. The SANFL better represents the Australian Rules code because it hasn't succumbed to the money and marketing hyperbole like the AFL. Indeed, the latter is filled with overpaid, over-rated prima donnas whereas the SANFL has serious, unpretentious players of the highest calibre.


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Yes you are right in some ways, the SANFL is a much better league than the AFL. The AFL is a national comp, although a lot of Victorians are still living in and thinking this is the VFL, well hello people's its not. The SANFL kicks ***,and although it does not have the crowd attendance like the AFL's, the SANFL plays real hard footy, not like the soft and going softer AFL.
And to greendean, the S.A players were lured to Victoria for money, that right money. Victorian clubs had discoverd that S.A has an abundance of skillful players and stole them from the SANFL.

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The SANFL only has South Australian teams. Of what interest is that to someone like me, in a different state? The AFL is the national league. Football at the grassroots level is a great thing, I agree, but it's a bit rash to assume there would be much interest in the SANFL outside S.A.

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I will always support my local QFL club because I love to go an watch Aussie Rules. But it is great to see the game increasing in popularity across the whole country making it a truly national competition.

The AFL is a great competition. Nice of Victoria to give up their state competition to make it national don't you think? (And FYI - no, I don't barrack for the Lions. I've been following AFL since it was VFL and would never turncoat on my own team!)

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The AFL is the highest league in the land derived from the best league at the time (the VFL), i cant remember any Vic players wanting to play in the SANFL but can remember plenty of S.A players coming across to play in the VFL,so now we have the AFL which has the best players from around the country playing in it which is alot better than your poor mans footy in S.A, GO VICS!

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why has nobody in the america heard of australian football? you guys must suck some serious ***

As a long time Dragons fan, will they?

We should all remember that the AFL really evolved from the VFL and that it is really pointless to compare between a state competition and a national one. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the existence of the state leagues but a national competition would generally garner more attention whilst providing the opportunities for the development of inter-state rivalries.

And what's up with American football anyway? If them players are so tough, why sport all that protective gear i.e. helmets, shoulder pads etc.

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