Who will win - City v Country on Thursday Night?


Who is the coach of the Wallabies?

city will win on the boot of El-magic.

Which channel is showing the Ireland vs Australia compromise rules match tonight?

i'm not too sure about that one......i'm just happy that the mighty saints gotbackto winning ways yesterday

Why does everyone hate Collingwood? How did that start?


How can I get coach licence for australia?

GO THE KNIGHTS thats a bit off the subject
i think country will win and for one reason IM IN THE LOWER GRADES of country wwwwwwwwwwoooooooo
the score is gunna be 20-12 country :) totaly random

Which is your favourite pub to watch to footy and why is it so great?

Country will sh*t all over the pretty boys. Look at the #6 battle for man of the match. How Anasta gets picked for these matches is beyond me, Gidley will win it for country just as Anasta will lose it for City.

Can anyone help me find a signed photo of Andrew Johns?

country five eight in great form

Which clubs are financially stronger? AFL or NRL? See BRW article "Stay On The Ball"?

I have no doubt that country will win. Kurt Gidley is playing his best football in a long time. Gower will wear the no. 7 I have no problems there, but whoever wins will also determine who will captain NSW - Gower or Buderus. I hope Buderus will captain country and hopefully NSW.

Australian symbiosis?

I really dont care who wins, hope they biff the crap out of each other! Go the MAROONS!

So...who's going to win the Premiereship?

city of course

How many happy South Sydney fans today?

well im torn between the two, you have cambell playing in country, as well as ryan..and their playing good footy.
in the city u have king, collis and their playing good footy..
but the players in form, my mind is telling me country will win..

Who is the best ever Australian Rules footballer?

they know how to battle, they never give up and besides...
they're hotter!!

Who's going to win the Nab Cup?

not sure who will win

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