Umm... is the AFL mathew pavlich from the fremantle dockers, Greek or italian?

AFL way better i also live in perth so GO WESTCOAST.AFL is heaps exciting, especially when ur teams down bye like 40 or so points then they start catching up and they end up winning all in the final quater, the atmosphere is sooo exciting, the game is a game where u can cheer nd scream every like 5mins, coz the game brings lots of goals, but in NRL u dnt cheer as much coz they dnt get alot of scoring oppotunities, if u get what i mean. so that wot i think, NRL also looks more dangerous.

What experience do Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court have to run a football club?

in what game

Do you think Manly will win this year?

G'day Alexander d,

Thank you for your question.

I like both games but NRL is my preference.

I grew up in NSW.

Seasons regards

Which NRL players are likely to defect to Union in the next year?

AFL without a doubt!
I'm surprised there aren't more answers as this question usually has a continual debate going on. I guess it all boils down to what you were brought up with.
I never missed a VFL/AFL game while living in Melb. Have been to one NRL game and it was a joke-the atmosphere was pathetic compared to AFL.

What was the date of sonny listons visit to newcastle in the 1960 s?

AFL. i grew up in NRL territory, but have slowly become an AFL convert, they have much more skill and athleticism, although nothing can top State of Origin and i still watch the league.

however both sports have major issues with thier rules. i lost nearly every bet this year on the NRL because of dodgy and inconsistent refereeing. even the video ref gets it wrong, how is that? the referees have far too much impact on NRL compared to umpires impacting on AFL. the AFL has issues with player burnout leading to too many injuries, especially the quick kick-in after a behind is scored. they need a rest at some point. the fans want to see the best players play, but look at all the knee injuries this year. tired players are injured more easily.

one more thing... in Origin 3, NSW scored a try after it bounced forward 20 meters of a NSW players shoulder attempting to catch the ball, then another NSW player ran thru and picked it up and scored and video ref gave a try. then in Tri nations final, with 5 seconds left, Inglis knocked the ball forward off his shoulder attempting to dive on a kick, and Thurston ran thru and dived on it, and that was given no try. WTF?? too inconsistent.

General overview of aussierules football please?

I live in WA so you guess

Whats your favourite SANFL footy team?

way better than a bunch of pansies in short shorts running on a round field with no idea how to tackle! they get a point for MISSING!!!

Anybody know of any shops that coul price up some football memorabilia i have i live in the birmingham area.?

AFL rocks and is better to watch. Really makes for an exciting game. There is a lot more talent on show to take a spekky or kick a 60 metre bomb into goal. Brilliant. Go the Mighty Bombers!!!

NRL is alright if you live in the Northern States. Gotta say though go the Melbourne Storm!!

Do you prefer League or Union? Why?


Will the sydney swans step up n beat the brisbane lions...?

AFL all the way, it is made by australians and played by australians. NRL is good but just not as interesting. You are scoring all the time in footy while every ten minutes youll get a try or penalty kick in rugby

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