About football pleasse help?

Question:which state playes the cincinnati begals?
for my homework


Who thinks the Western Bulldogs can beat St Kilda tomorrow night?

The cincinnati Bengals are from the state of Ohio and we are playing The Baltimore ravens thursday from Maryland

Who should be included in the Australian Rugby League team for upcoming Test against Kiwis? Why?

what are you trying to say, what state do they play in....well uh cincinnati is in ohio

What do non-Australian think of Australian Football (Aussie Rules)?

Cincinnati is a city. Cities, in different states, play cities in other states.

Andrew Johns?

are you asking where the cincinnati bengals play. the answer is Ohio. otherwise i have no idea what you are trying to ask.

Who is your all time AFL Footballer and why?

in ohio

Where can i find bigger pictures of the emblem for st george nrl 4 my daughters school project?

Could you be a little bit less stupid please.

How many stars in the australian flag?

it is the state called "ohio"

Can anyone give me a quick and comprehensive guide to understanding Rugby?


Can you pick your Origin Teams (both sides)?


Does anyone know if Matt Egan From GFC has a girlfriend?

They are in Ohio, but they play teams from most other states in the U.S.

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