Are there any rules in Aussie Rules?

The name gives no clue


Do you think the obstruction rule is a joke?

Yes there are rules like you can't kick the ball and have it go out of the playing area on the full, if a ball crosses the line and the umpire deems it was done on pourpose you give away a free, No tackle below the waist or above the shoulders, to pay a mark the bal has to travel at least 15m, when a person marks the ball unneccesary contact on them gives them 50m penalty (take the kick 50m further up the field, if inside your forward 50 the kick from the top of the goal square) you can also only run 15m before the ball must make contact the ground (ussually bounced)

That is all I can be bothered saying ther are any hundreds of rules and regulations. look for umpiring sites to find the rest

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Of course there is,it is played hard and fast, but the way the game is going, the guys will be wearing skirts in the near future and there will be no more tackles only touch tapping. The game has changed and changing to the worse and is going too soft.

What is the difference between Australian rules football and Rugby Union/Rugy League?

yeh there is rules, but i agree with kev, the game is going soft, the only outlet our elite players have for aggression is when they get to beta up the irish in the international rules, something im ashamed of..but in answering the question, the fact remains that the game is a contact sport, and having played i can say that it is a tough game, however the rules are basically there for the players safety, something which the rule makers are puttin ahead of enjoyment for the masses

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no not really, the main pre-requisites are you get off your kangaroo and do your own biff. what kind of stupid question is this? everything has rules you go for a leek there's rules, you can't do it outside etc... just plain stupid this question.

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