Broncos and..?

Do you like raiders or broncos.


Who will win the coleman medal this year and how many goals will they get?


Given this Q's location, it is talking about the Australian National Rugby League (NRL), not the NFL.

So the teams are

Canberra Raiders and Brisbane Broncos,
NOT Denver and Oakland.

As a Storm fan I should hate the Raiders, them being the closted team Melbourne have to true rivals and all, but I I don't, they are my second favourite team (what can I say, I like Canberra city).

Seeing as the broncos robbed us of our Premiership this year on a dodgy video ref call Ihate the boys from Brisbane.

Canberra Raiders- good
Brisbane Broncos- ugly Queensland premiership stealing bastards

Melbourne Storm - legends

Trying to listen to the football on the radio 3aw not working?

Since I live in Colorado I have to go with the home team, the Bronco's.

What afl team has been the most successful in the last 20 years?

the raiders are kind of trashy... and their fans are scary.

Why dont australian football players ever attempt to play in the nfl?

broncos. the raiders suck.

Tell me about Australian Football?

neither i go for the BULLDOGS

Is anyone here a Hawks supporter?

note about Axel R... Melbourne storm feeder club is in Queensland - the place full of rednecks right... and half the Storm team plays for QLD in origin, Smith, Slater etc, ie. the best players from melbourne are from qld.

i support raiders becuse i lived in canberra for 8 years as a kid, although i was born and now again reside in Brisbane. i dont support broncos, though.

i am a queenslander through and through.

Why are people so unkind?


Is there a web site for the Mid Ulster Youth League?

Bronco's ar hard to go past being premier and all but alot of other clubes are very much worthy like nth quennsland, melbourne or gold coast (maybe?)

OK rabitohs, they have problems

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