Does australian football suck?/?

i think it does,AFL sucks.its all about the NFL American Football is the real thing baby bbbbbbboooyyyyyyaaaaaa, American Football will dominate the little puny AFL hahahahh.


Why are the Sydney Swans said to play "ugly" football?

I'm Canadian and I love both. It's not one or the other. There is good and bad in each. Come on, man, how can you not love the action in the AFL? It sure beats some defensive 10-0 Chi over NYJ type NFL games. Not every NFL game is SD 49-Cin 41 after all.

You need to come up here and watch a CFL game live. Now that's really good fun unlike the No Fun League you claim is #1. Man, you are easily swayed by hype.

Do the AFL fans think that St Kilda coach Grant Thomas is a DUD coach?

Everbody knows that anything to do with america is gay. Most of all americans.

great comment though!

Have the knights got a chance?To win the comp?

NO! aussie rules.RULES, its not puny and they are quite different sports u cant compare them and say that they are puny cause they cant do what they have to do if they are as big as ur NFL players.

neway im a bigger NRL fan :D

Why is there an "other football" category for Oz? What other Aussie football is there?

Yes, very much so.

Who is Andrew Johns?


American Football sucks too.

Who was the first Rugby League team?

why is it then that the majority of americans i have met are in awe of the aussie footy codes... aussie codes are way tougher and we dont need 50 kgs of padding and a helmet to play unlike american football..

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