Does anybody like the Fremantle Dockers in the AFL?


Collingwood footy team.Should they have an alternate jumper.?

Yes have supported them since they entered the comp in 95 but its good to see that they might finally get some finals success meaning a flag in the next 3 years saying that is a big ask though but having the team nowhere near the bottom for a while is also great!

What are the key skills needed to play Aussie Rules?

No I like west coast but a western derby grand final would be so cool

Who thinks new zealand?

I support essendon but i love the dockers second

Weight of an NRL Football??

I support Adelaide, heck I like any team but Port Adelaide.
Fremantle could be a super team in the next 5 years, surely they will be good enough to make a grand final appearance within that time.

Will anyone pick up Michael Gardiner in the draft?

Yep, my brothers, uncles, girlfriends dads, cousin mikes, daughters teachers, best friends, sisters, brothers, nephews sons, best mates, uncle jonno's fishing mate Toms daughter once went to a Dockers game now she likes them.

Hope this helps

Do you think the dockers will go well this year?

Over there maybe not over here i hope.

Did you see Brendon Lades big Torp yesterday?

Support them? Certainly. Like them? Why would you?

How many minutes are there in an 5 minute warning that Channel 10 plays in the AFL?

Best Team ever!

How can I find AFL Video site so I can download it in a bittorrent?

no but i know some one who does

Freo fat and slow
kick em up the ***
and they still won't go

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