Does anyone think the St George Illawarra Dragons will win the comp?

Everyone said this was going to be their season after all the players that were leaving but they missed out yet again. With so many senior players gone, how do you think they're are going to go next year?


How much does the AFL coverage suck that some teams have all thier matches free to air and some have none?

No I dont think they will.
But they should make the finals.
The only way I could see them winning it is if they have a great year concerning injuries.
Now with Barret, Bailey, Gorrell & Timmins are gone they're will be to much pressure on Matt Head and Ben Hornby to performane. And Mark Gasnier is not a five eight.
The next year or two will just be a development year for them to try and blood some youngsters through.
I Would expect them to make the finals just. Maybe in a year or two they will win it

Who will win the Qualifying Final between Adelaide and Freo? Why?

no the rabbitohs are going to beat them lol

Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide?

No I do not think they will win it,
Gasnier wound be wqsted at 5/8 and as we saw on Sat Ben Hornby is definatley not a half back. Alot will depend on how matthew Head recovers from injury,
With Barret off to Wigan & Timmins retiring they have lost to of the most influential players of the past 10 years, They will struggle to replace them this season, Ben Creagh should turn out to be a top quality player in a couple of years time and he and Gasnier and Head could provide the back bone for the Dragons.
They have lost a top quality Prop forword in Bailey and will also struggle to replace him quickly. The good thing for the Dragons is they have talent in abudance in their Reserve and Junior setups.

Does anyone think that the umpires are against st kilda in the afl?

no chance,they will choke in the finals a usual

Is West Coast gonna make it back to back premierships?

mmmm would love to see them win. sad to lose the good players they have lost though.

Are there any Aussie NRL fans out there?

They have no chance this year. I think they will be lucky to finish above 12th

Who scored the first 4 point try in rugby league?

They have a chance like any of the rest.

Should St Kilda sign John Hopoate?

No. stg ill rely WAY TOO MUCH on kicking the ball to try and score tries. as a result when these kicks happen to come off they all look like magicians and are lauded as brilliant. in reality, stg ill have no way of scoring tries by passing the ball and teams only have to shut down their kicker and they are ineffective. its why they never win the minor prem'ship and always lose in the big matches.

Did anyone care about last nights games?

r you on about the 2006 comp or the 2007 comp .. because if your on about the 2006 comp sorry but the BRISBANE BRONCOS WON THAT!! [go darren lockyer]

And i think the BRISBANE BRONCOS will win next years comp!

Pick your Marrons Team!?

(2007) 1 Bronco,s 2 Cowboys 3 Titans - sorry Sydney missed out again.

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