Do you think brendon fevola should have been charged?

over the assault on the barman


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Even though what he has done is wrong and stupid, I believe the incident was not a chargable offence. Yes like I said, it was stupid and wrong, but thats all.


He should be taken to an AA meeting everytime he drinks he does something idiotic he obviously has a problem i am a carlton supporter and prefer him not too drink as when he doesnt drink he plays better footy Coleman Medal is proof of that if the irish police idnt charge him then we shouldnt

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I think the police shouldn't get involved but the AFL should take very harsh actions on him to set an example of what will happen if you just drink and don't care for you actions

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No I think being sent home was punishment enough

Rugby Season?

well i think that brendon fevola had way to much to drink that night when he put the bar person in a headlock and he is verry sorry for what he did and no i think he should not have been charged with that incident

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No, but the fact that Brendon Fevola came back to Australia was an appropiate choice. Obviously,when you are overseas, representing your country is a dream for every footballer. However, setting a bad example for the Aussies and drinking and assaulting a barman is so not Australian Like. Brendon Fevola out of the team is a wise decision, he shouldn't been charged because going to Australia has already paided that consequence.

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