Does anyone think the melbourne sides really have a shaot at the premiership in '07 or '08?


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Doggies all the way!! Just look how good they were this year! And '07 is just going to get better due to all the injured players coming back. Luke Darcy, Robert Murphy, Mitch Hahn are all experienced great players and they should be coming back in the first few rounds. Then there's Shaun Higgins who is going to be a legend. He's already made an impact on the Doggies after playing only four games. I think he would have played all of the remaining games in '06 and possibly even finals if he didn't get injured in round 13. I think the Doggies really do have a chance in '07 and '08!


No Eagles next year and then the Dockers in 2008.

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i really believe you have no knowledge at all
Footscray and Geelong if they get there act together are a big chance

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eagles are a young side and the players arent greedy and all will keep renewing their contracts...the 16 victorians are going nowhere...they may build a dynasty...they can cope with injuries(no one can cope with knee recons etc)...swans are great...freo looks good+tarrant(if he decides to turn it on)...adelaide...then the Melbourne sides...

No season ending injuries to Doggie players and to maybe the Saints...and u never know...its a great league for the unknown...and pretty fair for turnaround from last to premiers...except for the Blues(whom Elliot stuffed)...saw Elliot in the CBD the yesterday actually...

Doggies and Saints with no real injuries...good luck to em - but doubt it. EAGLES probably to roll on...

additional***McDougall went to Bulldogs. 197cm(6 ft 5 1/2 in.)...he wasn't too flash and could not make the Eagles side...didn't want him to go, due to height and he's young...

It Is True?

Mate if you think that any Victorian sides have a geniune chance at the premiership in the next 2 years, you are absolutely dreaming, get off the grass dude.
Victorian sides struggle to win consecutive games interstate, let alone any game outside Victoria.
I would say that Melbourne and Western Bulldogs would get close, but no premiership glory.

Sonny bill williams is off contract in 07.should he stay with the dogs or go some where else?

not really, the only team that has a chance, just maybe is the doggies, and melbourne

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I think the top 4 from this year will be there again for the next 2 years. After that the vics might have a shot.

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It is fairly open with the only "outside team being the sparrows.oops I mean Eagles.The Lions will not roar and the lame ducks..oops again Swans have sunk and the Adelaide teams are just the Adelaide teams.Possibly the only Melbourne side not in contention will be the colliwobbles..oops there I go again Collingwood.

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demons and bulldogs are the only two with a chance...collingwood are not that good, saints window is pretty much closed, geeling are a good side but they don't play like it...maybe it's because all their players are such ugly dudes like ling and steve johnson?? anyway i think it will be either west coast, or fremantle (unfortunately) in 07, possibly a vic team in 08 (hopefully)

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Well as much as i think daffy talks a load of nonsense footscray are the western bulldogs sorry mate.

on 06 form the bulldogs if they stay injury free darcy will be back in the side they also aquired aker and cant think of his name at the moment but the tall forward option from the eagles. Eagles for my money in 07 but 08 looms as a real possibility for the dogs, but in the words of rodney eade all the planets need to align for a team to win a premiership.

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no. realistically the Melbourne sides do not have a chance in 07 or 08 leave 07 to be played out by the coast and Adelaide and 08 by Adelaide and Fremont. I'm sorry there will be no Melbourne sides until 09 that's just the way footy is every side gets their turn but expect the next 2 sides to be Melbourne and bulldogs they have promising signs for the future.

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