Is the brownlow medal a sign you will lose the grand final?


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no but the grand finals of the last 2 years are that way (ben cousins wce in 2005 and adam goodes in 2006)

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no way...players like judd,goodes, and the brisbane brownlow medallists are not one hit wonders...for the one hit wonders I would say it is too much for them...they will fluff the gf and the team too probably...its not like wce lost the gf last year, they fell did sydney this could have easily been:

browlow and premiers '05 to cousins and wce & then goodes & sydey.or kerr(if he had a brain & played all his games) & eagles or judd(games) & eagles...etc...

..brownlow doesnt put the moz on the team...

Who thinks the major let down for NSW last night was the defence on the right wing? It's damn sad I say!?

No not at all. In recent years that may be the case, but it is not like a team would think, "Ok we have a Brownlow Medalist in our team, winning the premiership is not important now."

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Is not a sign either way since 2000 there have been a mixed bag but the majority of winners have been grand finalists Brisbane had 2 brownlow winners in 2 of its 3 premiership years. Make your own mind up recently since 2000 the winners and teams have been

00 shane woewodin - melbourne lost to essendon
01 jason akermanis - Bris def essendon
02 simon black - Bris def collingwood
03 joint bucks,roo,goodes - Bris def collingwood
04 chris judd - no gf apperence - port def bris
05 ben cousins - syd def wce
06 A goodes - wce def syd

the last two grandfinals were decided by less than a goal with a one point difference in the last playoff, really could have gone either way

so overall id say has no effect on the scoreboard whatsoever.

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based on the last few years it seams like that is what is happening.

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