Do you think 4 away night games for west coast is exessive?


Would Australia have won the international rules match if straughany had been in the side?

4 awy night games is exessive but west coast can handle it i wish the afl board would realise that the WA sides have to it tougher than everyone else

Water carriers constantly on the field of play?

Yes because there should be 2 day and 2 night games played over in the east. plus subiaco is to far to travel 4 times in 22 weeks and prepare for a match at the same time. 2 games at the most over in the west should be a rule in afl.

Where to find aussie rules training drills?

...they are, but what can u do...the league drw is the most unbalanced in prof sports!! no one else does it like afl does...apparantly it evens out every 5 years...bullsh1t...and the big clubs get preference for blockbusters etc every year to draw crowds...rubbish... is excessive...but things being equal..hopefully we'll win em all...and win a few by a point would be even better...LOL (-:

Cocky or confident?

Yes but they want their cup back(ha ha) so this seems to be the way to go. Go EAGLES,Dockers, Brisbane Lions,Sydney Swans, Port Adelaide,Crows and if we all win it two years in a row it should be another 14 years before they get it back.I cant wait for next year bring it on.

How many teams are in the AFL?


Who would you pick in the two State of Origin teams this year, especially Queensland backline?

Yes it is too much for any team. But the AFL is trying anything to stop the non Victorian sides from winning multiple games in a row.
You won't see Collingwood, Essendon, Melbourne or Richmond play 4 away night games in 1 season. Heck these teams hardly travell interstate anyway.

Why are there no games on Sunday Nights in the AFL? doesnt matter whether the game is at night or in the day, an away game is an away game. i haven't looked at the fixture in detail but as long as west coast still gets 6 days in between all/most of their games i wouldn't be complaing...if i even liked west coast...which i don't...although i still think judd and cousins are two of the best going around

Is there anyway to watch live AFL (Aussie footy) in the USA?

yes but they are good enough to handle it

Which team has the deepest list in the AFL?

What would happen if eddie was president of westcoast? there would be none of this BS!

Not a westcoast fan, actually support their crosstown rival, but have to admit 4 away night games is excessive because they normally take a nightflight home and then spend the next day at recovery back in perth , the amount of travel the interstate clubs do is burden enough but to short change them in recovery time is an even bigger injustice, I just hope that a derby is on the week after one of those away night matches!!

When collingwood has played 3 matches per season against west australian teams for the last 3 seasons but have only been to perth once each season I cant accept that the people setting the fixtures are balancing the fairness ledgers.

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