Does Anyone that watched the first international rules first test,agree that the whole games was just a bit du

i did, though will be watching to see who wins the next. the ones in australia seemed extremely better.


Wanting to join a women's footy club in geelong?

Its hard because both sides are playing a code they dont normally play so the skills are not there, I like it in the offseason its something different to watch, both teams have thier advantages for the australians its thier fitness and strength, the irish its the round ball and the more direct similairities to their natural game, eg. number of players on the field, pitch size and shape, having a goalkeeper etc..

not as exciting as afl given but good to watch in summer

Eagles vs Collingwood at subiaco...?

to be honest i don't even like it i gave it away a few years ago the afl should just stick to playing Aussie Rules

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