Do the Irish know that we're sending a 2nd string team to Ireland?

If it was Rugby League or Rugby Union the best players would be chosen to participate on a world stage. In the case of the AFL and various other sports where players are locked into lucrative club contracts, the welfare of those players is paramount. Of the expected crowd of 80,000+ at Croke Park in Ireland, how many of them are aware that very few of our players are among those who have the biggest contracts?


Do past afl players no when to give up?

It showed. They never really cared about the ball..more about the man receiving it. I understand that rules about unfair play in Aussie footie are very strict and that heavy fines and match bans are meted out to offenders. Sheedy knew this and wasn't allowed to employ players in a match he stategised on brutality and off the ball slaps. If he wanted to play football and be a real man then there would have been a 1st pick Australian side there. It could have been a joy to watch and being based on football a far closer contest. Such a shame the aussie manager hadn't more faith in the footballing ability of the top brass in Rules football. It doesn't take an intelligent manager to use bully tactics or a brave man to hit when the opponents back is turned. Your 2nd string was simply a bullying machine. Make no mistake that Ireland can pick that sort of player for every position but we chose to pick a footballing team.

What are the lyrics to the Sydney Swans song?

Irish here but not really into rugby honest

Is Frank Lampard 8 The Antichrist?

You are talking about Gaelic football. Someone should tell the Irish we don't play this in Australia anyway on a competition basis.
Who cares about the biggest contracts it doesn't matter you could send a team of Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, and Australian Rules players over there, its just a farce anyway.

How come david kidwell from the new zealand all blacks?

too diferent game one professional one amature you work it out

If AFL is so exciting why do they change rules yearly and soccer rules have never change.?

watched it 2day. australians r only thugs.if they done that on the street they would have been jailed

Who will win the 2006 AFL premiership?

The international rules is not gaelic football its a stupid mix of two completely different sports.
Australian Footballers - Professional,Only play football.
Irish Footballers - Amateur,Went back to their dayjobs (schoolteachers,builders) on Monday.
I admit Australia won fair and square.
Gaelic is not our best sport and I would prefer to see the G.A.A. endorse the international series between Ireland (Hurling) and Scotland (Shinty).

Who is the no1 team in the nrl at the moment?

does it matter, it was still a good game and i hope all our boys bring their boxing gloves home with them and put them back on at round 1!! The fights were fantastic.

What is the size of a aussie rules football ground. I need length and width?

Wel most of the highest grade players are recovering from injuries (Chris judd, scott west, daniel kerr, ben cousins, adam goodes and brad johnson) but they beat the irish second time around 69-31

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