Collingwood footy team.Should they have an alternate jumper.?

l am a magpie supporter and l am like our president Eddie.Why after all these years should we come up with an alternate jumper.Really,for that matter, why should any team have to nothing sacred anymore?


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No,NO,No,Never we've had the jumper for 110 years. Every other club is just trying to cash in on it, trying to sell more jerseys. Let all the other clubs take advantage of there fans i know the pies wont.Nth Melb are probably the closest but there jersey is mainly white with blue stripes ours is mainly black with white stripes. I repeat what every Collingwood supporter should be saying no,no,no,never!

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My God why have you forsaken me? I know you're speaking the English language, but you somehow destroyed my soul with that question... Yes they should have an alternate...jumper? No, nothing is sacred anymore, and... (counter question) what is footy?

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The jumper should stay the same. It is part of the club's culture. Would you ask the Pope to change the colour of his robes? I don't think so.

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Of course they should if every other afl team has to why should collingwood be diffrent. Collingwood sucks any way.

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Of course they should!

Eddie needs to pull the stick out of his ***, smack himself in the head with it then shove it back up there

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Eddie should stop grandstanding and let other people in the club organise a suitable jumper. They would make increased merchandise sales and when they play the Kangaroos it will be easier to tell who is on what side.

Are people aware that Australian Rules Football is more than the AFL which is but one league as is the SANFL?

collingwood r gettin 2 old and sentimental about the jumper, get with the times besides eddie will be out of the presidency at then of the season anyway. Look at Liverpool has alternative shirts so do the red devils man utd in EPL

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