What afl team has been the most successful in the last 20 years?

only win/loss/draw not premierships


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It pains me to say it but Essendon with 58.96% wins

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I really don't know because statistics change and im not even 20 years old =), but in the last champions league i think Barcelona was the best, but not this year. and Brazil must be the best too with stats.

Y do people like football SOOO much?

West Coast not because they won this year but they have been the most successful the last 20years this is only a guess but i think i am close

Yer sorry guys i did mean nrl on mon nights wot do yr think?

Hawthorn unsure about GF appeances think 5 for 4 wins one loss.
WCE - 5 GF apperances 3 wins 2 losses
Brisbane - 4 GF apperances 3 wins 1 loss

Couldnt tell you straight up who has the best win loss ratio out of these teams but i think daffy has her facts right, West coast have been the more consistant performer having only missed finals twice while other top tier teams have had more of a mixed bag of results.

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I would say West Coast, and Essendon.

Who is the biggest (weight) front rower in the NRL. I would think it is Charles Laeno, 20 (Dragons)-124kg?

westcoast has got to be the most successful club in the last 20yrs

Where did meyer play football?

i can only recall the last 13 years.

depends what you define as success.

due to lack of grand final wins the following teams are out:
fremantle, hawthorn, st kilda, carlton, collingwood, richmond, western bulldogs, geelong, melbourne.

one-offs are port adelaide, sydney and kangaroos.

teams who have had short phases are west coast and adelaide.

brisbane won three in a row but outside that they were very uncompetitive.

that leaves essendon who won in 1993 and 2000 but have been consistent throughout.

excluding this year, whenever a team who has played essendon has never gone in as hot favourites even when brisbane were on their run.

Can someone please explain to me what afl is all about?

im not sure about the afl but i know that in real football lol sorry in rugby the st george/illawarra when they were the dragons before they merged with the steelers they won 11 straight grandfinals in a row

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WCEAGLES 474:274 -195 - 5 58.33 45853 - 42155
ESSENDON 469:273 -189 - 7 58.96 48123 - 43583
GEEL CATS 465:253 - 207 - 5 54.95 48300 - 44176

* Going off your direct question for played: win-loss-draw Pct. Pts For-Pts Agst - then it's the Eagles. How good is that, it's not Essendon! See, it's good making statistics work for you! (-:

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