Am i the only one angry with all the new west coast "supporters"?

as a real west coast supporter i will support them if they are premiers or wooden spooners


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...dont get too angry as all teams are the same...seen it all before...I was born and bred in Melb and chose wce when I was 9 in '87 as my first and only club. People thought it was strange...people u'd meet too...always support em...and when we were sh1t........ only support Glen Jackovich ! LOL...
I've kept and wear my old eagles scarf, so I can show no bandwagon here...!

...people are the same with any club.......i'd rather have bandwagoners than none at all...Kangaroos wish they had some of ours...same as doggies-years back...roys could only hope...

...the only thing i don't like is when they try and talk football to me all of a sudden...and dont know sh1t(same as banwagoners at world cup time).....only that makes me see red...i was sitting with bandwagon supporters of the swans at the losing gfinal(should be 2 in a row!)... and they screamed out a few things...and yet clearly didnt know the rules!-& from sydney...u should'v seen the looks they good...everyone long as theres moments like that when theyr put in their place its okay...

...oh well the bandwagoners are here to stay, because we are gonna keep winning with the 2nd youngest list in the league...and the players aren't greedy, they keep re-signing...and i reckon we might go on to make this era a dynasty... (-:

...good question.

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no people who follow teams when they're successful aren't real fans

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oh dont be such a snob! while the "real west coast supporters" (not something id be very proud of anyway) may have their beaks out of joint on having to share the glory - u can bet ur feathered * that the club is loving it and more than happy to have as many jump on the bandwagon as want to.

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well i think that most west coast supporters feel the same as what i do about fake fans taking up vaulble seats at home games should take a look at them selfs very hard due to other poeple can't afford to go to these games and when people say that i personally is a fake supporter of westcoast eagles just because i also follow the sydeney swans aswell it makes me very upset to the point i wanna cry

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the same thing goes on in Sydney
its very sad

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As a Fremantle supporter i absolutely agree with you, yes we havent won a flag but having copped crap for following freo for all those years and suddenly now to find some of those people wearing scarfs and beanies and chanting freo heave ho makes me laugh, Dont get too stressed about it, its good for your club more revenue means these *wits are funding future success at YOUR club. That all the legitimate and loyal fans will really enjoy.

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You are a rare breed mate, there are a lot of fair weather fans here in Perth.

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yer some people dont care when they are on the bottom but then some people just jump on the ban wagon.

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Yes... I hate how most eagles supporters jump on and off the wagon depending whether the eagles are in the top or bottom 8..
I'm 24 and have lived in WA for 20 of these years, and I am an avid collingwood supporter born in melb, and you have no-idea how much flack I had to put up with in school because I went for a different team... when everyone else went for the eagles... and trust me the pies had alot of bad years in the mid to late 90's.. But I still tipped them, watched every game and still wore my scarf.. And it angers me completely when at school if the eagles did bad and I tried to stir anyone up about it (especially if the pies beat them) that they would just turn around and say.. oh, I don't really follow the footy all too much.. but if the eagles win they act like the head of the cheer club? Even now I have friends that are eagles supporters and go to the games, but if we have plans to go to the pub after or something like that they won't wear their scarf incase they lose and look like twits!! or even worse some WCE fans tip against their side in the footy to get the points.. I would NEVER tip against my team no matter how bad they are playing!! Must say alot of WC supporters have terrible sportmanship, you win GREAT.. but don't gloat about it too much, because the next week if you don't back it up, it wont be soo bad that you have to pretend that your not all that into footy!!

by the way I'm not talking about all WCE supporters, But yes it is a large majority...

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