What about a St. Kilda V Fremantle grand final?


What is a Novacastrian?

Oh when the saints come marching in

Where can i watch real time australia rules football on my p/c?

um don't think so Fremantle maybe if they can keep it going but the Saints have been heavily backed the last few years and have not delivered

What are you looking foward to see in the AFL in round #2?

i don't think so

Was it Brad Godden, Mark Sargent, Mathew Rodwell or Adam MacDougall [more inside]?

We can said they never going into the final yet! if they go in to final ill supported St.Kilda for my team!


It will never happen in my life time. St Kilda has been the most over rated team in the AFL for a least 3 years now, with that amount talent they should of been appeared in at least in 1 grand final in the last 4 years. Maybe Grant Thomas was not the answer after all.

As for Freo, there getting better at playing abroad. Who knows a power house in the making.

Looking for somewhere in Las Vegas to watch the NRL Grand Final?

considering you mentioned a victorian team in there, it is unlikely.

Anyone know who the geelong football club physio is?

No way both teams suck.

State Of Origin?

If either of these teams make it to a Grand Final in the near future I think it will be a sign of the apocalypse!!

What is the muscle from the stomach to groin that footballers strain?

yo i dont know any thing about ozzie rules fb but st kilda all the way ya so we are learning about it in pe my coach loves it its fun if you out ther hi coach

The CANTERBURY BULLDOGS are GOOOOOOOOOOOONE who else is happy? Aussies Only Please?

not this season at least, me thinks the chris tarrant aquasition was not the best move, murphy farmer and longmuir were all great assistants to pav its not going to work with someone else in the mix, as for the saints, new coach periods of ajustment etc etc... no gf in 07 for them either. Still stranger things have happened and both teams definately have enough talent on their lists, but again west coast , sydney and adelaide are all my favored gf teams im sure most people see it the same way with the talent and experience all teams possess how could you view it any other way?

Will the western force in rugby unions super14 side win the cup in the next 3 years?

western bulldogs v fremantle , stkilda will strugle to make the 8 next year

If the Chargers played a game of Aussie rules against the Aussies, what would the score be?

Freo can make a Grand Final, but the Saints premiership window is CLOSED.

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