Anybody remember Warwick Capper?

In May of 1987, I saw Warwick Capper jump up off another guy's back to make a mark. To this day it is one of the most amazing athletic things I've seen.


Crow or pies who will win?

Yeah mate i remember Capper and that mark you are talking about, was a beauty.He was purely talented and athletic and really did end up wasting his talent and should of gone on to be better and greater than what we remember him for,especially with his nude shots with ex wife and then other incidents he has been thru.Fairs fair he has had his moments but yes truly great to watch he was.

How about those hawks?

yeah sure do, long blonde hair and size 5 shorts when he had a size 7 ***!

its amazing he could jump i thought his legs would be blue due to the circulation being cut off.

What date is the 2007 AFL Grand Final?

What a mark that was, It was a beautie. Great marker of the ball, but his kicking let him down.

Could have done better, a real crowd puller. Back in the mid 80's, Warick Capper was the Swans.

What is the perimeter of the Melbourne Cricket Ground?

yep i do i asked this question a few months ago he was on TV show Sunrise about putting himself on e-bay for charity or something
he was pretty good somebody who could draw a crowd i was a fan to bad he played for the swans though

What is the difference between american and australian football?

yes i do

Rosedale or Heyfield?

Crikey, that guy was a beaut!

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