Did everyone expect the Broncos to win this year?

i am so glad they did because they coped so much critism throughout the year! haha melbourne


Has any one heard of gaelic football lokks really cool!?

no not really but the signs were there after the thumping they gave Newcastle at SFS i was there and they looked awesome they were the best team by far in the finals but not the best team all year
Melbourne played the perfect season but froze like a little virgin on prom night

What is your favourite footy team? why?

yeah what they said!!

Do you think brendon fevola deserved to be sent home after the brawl in ireland?

no evryone expected either paramatta or melorne to win.

P.S:Go Wests Tigers!!!!


It was a great game, Queensland plays the Queensland deserters, but patriotism prevailed. Go Wayne and the Broncos.

What's your view on the west coast eagles players ignorin the auskick kids understandable or disgrasful & why?

Yep! Just about I think

Lockyer or Gidley!?

Oh, Melbourne lost the rugby, did they?

Sorry, I didn't know..I live in Melbourne and no one knew anything about it.

PS...Was there anyone from melbourne actually playing?

How do u create a better afl team when only a few of ur players are good ur team lacks passion and aggression?

I was wanting for a Queensland team to win the finals for footy

Is AFL a girl's game?

I didn't, but they sure did "CLICK" at the right time.

How do you do?

I didnt. but you sure have to give it to Wayne Bennett... he may be old and grumpy but he doesnt lose Grand Finals!

What nrl team do u go for?

to tell you the truth i'm not surprised. as a queenslander and a brisbanite i am proud of my boys. i am living in england and i watched as many games as possible including the terrible loosing streak they went on just before the finals. in true queensland spirit, they never gave up and came out of their loosing streak with and amazing 30-0 win away to the high flying bulldogs, then followed up by another big away win, i think against st george, once again holding them to nil. then i knew they were in with a good shot. all nsw teams should have know that you can never keep the broncos down. the only downfall about the whole grand final was that we didn't beat a nsw team in the final. that would have put the cream on the cake after a wonderful state of origin win over the mexicans. 2006 what a year to be north of the border! Sydney what?

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