Can Anybody help,i am looking for a parramatta eels quilt cover.?

for a single bed, i have looked on ebay and a NRL site to no avail.does anyone know a site that sells this..


Why do Australians refer to American Football as "SISSY" Football?

Try the store in Parramatta Mall called Score they have everything and anything

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The name of the store from the answerer above is Perter Wynn's Score. Peter has the motto, 'If you can;t score here, you'll never score". It is in Parramatta and chances are it would have a quilt cover.

The web site for the store is currently under construction, but they do have a discount voucher on the site.

Information about the stores address is
"Peter Wynn's Score
"197 Church St
"Tel: (02) 9891 2655" [1]

Why are people so jealous just to report somebody because there footy team is no good its very sad?

You could ask one of the Ladies Auxillary members to crochet you one./ (For a price of course)

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