Do Any Western Bulldogs Supporters actually want Akermanis?

I think that Akermanis will have a really negative impact on the Western Bulldogs, as he does not play for the team or the love of the game as he has proven lately with his announcement of his motivation for success being 'revenge' against Leigh Matthews. My question is, after even Scott West has come out and said the players are unimpressed with his behaviour, do Western Bulldogs supporters actually want to see Akermanis in the red white and blue? and Why?


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I think it's always short-sighted for a team to bring a player aboard who is detrimental in his conduct. I realize players have a right to say what they think and to have a life outside the game, but I'm sorry: being an AFL player is not the same thing as flipping burgers at Hungry Jack's. Nobody knows or cares what you do if you're that burger flipper. If you're an All Australian, that is simply not the case. Asenine comments and outrageous behavior reflect badly on the team, the league, and the game itself. I realize Akermanis is a fantastic player, but are his skills worth putting up with all his off-field antics? I personally do not think so.

On the other hand, if there's a coach in the AFL who might be able to harness Akermanis' energies in the right direction, it's the Rocket. The bottom line is that regardless where Akermanis goes, he must be forced to realize that he is NOT bigger than the game itself.

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i barrack for the bombers and i would want him

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yes, he is great but el masri is cooler and better than him

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i think a lot of fans would want him so what if he has a big mouth and says whats on his mind if he doesn't go out Footscray way he will end up somewhere and he will be a superstar again and a asset to his club
to all the people who bag him have you never spoken your mind or said what you think

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He has a big mouth and he finds it difficult to stay out of trouble. But you have to admit, when it comes to footy he is one of the best. If the Bulldogs don't take him other teams will jump at the chance. Can The Doggies afford to gamble and not take him? When will be their next chance to get a player as good as him. I think the Bulldogs will be able to tame him . He wants to play for the Doggies and with a fresh start could be the start of something big for the Bulldogs.

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