Do you think the play-the-ball rule is a joke?

Question:Only rugby league fans will get this...
But my understanding was that this year referees would be cracking down on incorrect play-the-balls, i.e. when the tackled player getsup to play the ball, they must push the ball back with their foot, or at least make an attempt to. Now, at the start of the season, referees were cracking down on this big time, but after 2 or 3 rounds it just dropped off.
Any thoughts on this?


What is the AFL's policy regarding drugs? Do players need to test positive 3 times before being in trouble?

the problem for referees is that there are to many rules to enforce during the play the ball. some of the rules are:

1.markers must be square
2. make sure defence is 10meters back
3.Watch for grapple tackles
4.making sure the defence dont hold the player down to long
5. looking for knock ons
6.and making sure they play the ball with there foot is the least of there worries

Where can i find the yahoo afl forum?

yep i agree the nrl and afl are a joke lets just rewind back about 20 years

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