Are the Melbourne Storm a Rugby League joke?

Question:How can these guys even face there girlfriends wives and kids after the pathetic performance last night in the GF
I wonder if these so called players even care that some fans spent money coming up from Victoria
The players need to have a good long look in the mirror and they will see that they are not as good as they think they are
Well done Brisbane you proved what a great club you are and how to handle yourself under pressure


Why hate the bulldogs?

The Storm were never in it and yes, they are a Rugby League joke! Half the team is from bloody NSW or QLD. The Broncs rejected Cameron Smith for god's sake! They need to move that team up to Central Coast (NSW) where they will get a positive flow of juniors coming through the ranks. Melbourne is baron in terms of providing rugby league juniors let alone fans! AFL rules the roost down there and that's never going to change. So I say, bring them up here where they are going to prosper even more and have real, dedicated fans behind them. Then they can win that seemingly elusive premiership!

Tonight the Kiwis at league, Tomorrow morning Kiwis at Cricket?

Hats off to Brisbane for a fine performance, Melbourne did not play up to standard.

Ben cousins?

Go Broncos!

Great win for the Broncs and it was a close many (including myself) had predicted. Very happy to see my team through.but the above assessment of the Storm performance was way too harsh! It was a typical GF, and one in which experience resulted in the Broncs rising to the occaision and the Storm falling a tad short of the high standards they had set all season.

Oh. And 3-4 'line-ball' referee decisions could easily have gone the other way, perhaps changing the results.

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I will say thank you on behalf of all Brisbane Bronco fans, but even after saying that I think Melbourne copped it a bit hard. I must say though that it was a boring game of footy considering it was a grand final. At least their behaviour after the game was better than the AFL i mean how hard is to shake a kids hand. Not good West Coast Eagles. Thats why I watch league.

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Once again you are at it daffy.Be a good sport and recognise the better team won on the night .I am a broncs fan of 19 years and am extremely glad they won their sixth premiership.BUT taking nothing away from Melbourne either,they were deservedly Minor Premiers and earnt their Right to play in the Grand Final.I think you should be the one to look in the mirror and see what a bad sport you are and definitely discover you are not a True Blue Aussie with that sort of attitude.By the way when did you arrive in our country?

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No!! That is just too harsh...those boys had a few bad calls, and lacked the the combination of experience (big game) and desire. Broncos had a shake with Benno's name bandied about in relation to Roosters, had Webcke playing his last------overwhelming! I'm a Queenslander through and... reckon Billy Slater deserved the Churchill even in a losing team. Storm are the team that lost the final>>>>>please don't paint them as a loser team.

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no they are not a joke.the ref and the video ref are is not a fair game coz the imcompetent of the ground official.i dont follow both team but i would like to see a good referring then we will see a good game of for next year simpkin would not ref the grand final for video ref.i think it was harrigan.go retire now now before a cement truck run you over.

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Wroooooong, wroooooooooong, they are a good team, wroooooooooooong i say!

Michael sais wrooooooooooong

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"daffy" who supports Brisbane now that's a joke ,little daffy would not know a great football team if it jumped up and bit him on the *

I like rugby, you?

Daffy, Grand Final to the players can be very nerve racking.
You just have to look at parramatta who I go for, last year them and st. george looked like going into the finals and lost. The finals are a different ball game.

Aussie rules footy?

I believe the Storm played well on Sunday night the ref did make bad decisons but Storm did not make the most of the oppotunities and the Broncos defense was excellent.


Hi Daffy,

I think experience and mental toughness came through in the end, though if that try had been allowed, we had a very different ball game. Both teams played their hearts out and I don't feel Melbourne should be ashamed of their effort. They both earned their spots and that in itself proves they are both capable and deserving sides.

As for the AFL comment...I totally agree with you guys. Those little kids were looking at those players with awe and were ignored. Some role models. Disgraceful behaviour. I lost a lot of respect for WCE as a result.
Sorry for going off topic.

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