Do you agree that the brisbane broncos won the game bcoz of bad ref desicions?

im sick and tired of the bad ref what is the point of the video ref when thay made too many mistakes this year.only playerss made mistakes but ref should not.the nrl is sux and cannot manages the game.they always protects ref.


Should freo have won over the sainters?

There were a few odd decisions on the game but Melbourne lost because they were not good enough on the night simple as that
My question last night about are the storm a joke was just a question and i got called a bad loser bla bla bla just like you are asking about the refs some people are asking do you go for Melbourne
Have you noticed how man cry babies answer the League and AFL questions
I don't really have a problem with the refs some go your way some don't i actually think that's a good part of sport a bad decision can set the fans off just like ribbing a person about there team or a player its just a bit of fun

How can i get a better grip on a football?

The Broncos won WOW!
That goes with the game doesn't it?
You must be from Melbourne ha ha ha

Australians Only..Who is going to win NRL and AFL Grand Finals?

My sincere condolescences to you, I am guessing that you are from Melbourne. That is terrible that you did not in. On the other hand, BRONCOS WON!! YEAH!

Which team has the best backline in rugby league?

Yes there were some "questionable" decisions last night BUT that is the luck of the draw.In 20 years time no one will know.How do you know that when won it's 10th premiership in a row in 1965 that there were no "questionable" decisions then?You don't.They had no Video replays etc then.A try would have been awarded then at the discretion of the ref.The record books show the Saints won. That is all.The records will reflect the same type of result from last night.The team that won on the night WAS the Brisbane Broncos.End of story.

Does any one Knows David Wirrpunda form the Eagles?

NO!!!!!!!!!!... Michael also sais no

Will Anthony Mundine ever return to playing rugby league?

i agree i wonder how much they paid him

Which coach that is still choaches has won the most premierships?

I think some of the decisions helped Brisbane, but the main call everyone seems to have an issue with - the disallowed Matt King try - was, I believe, a correct one. Whoever the Storm player was that went up for the ball (can't remember his name) got a touch on it (the ball hits his forearm) and it was propelled forward, making it a knock-on both ways, and a Broncos Ball.

Some other decisions however were a little dodgy. From memory:
- the (non)shephard of Berrigan and the subsequent high tackle by Slater;
- the Slater pass that was deflected into touch by a Bronco, but were then they given the loose head and feed;
- the "strip" (Slater again) at the beginning of the game that resulted in the first points; and
- the Storm player that was dragged into touch by the bootlaces in what should have been a completed tackle.

However, the Broncos were the better team and deserved the win. Remember the two big hit-ups by Webcke in the dying minutes, the second of which got the Broncos within field-goal range. It was like the game had just started. And Carroll who was down on the ground after getting his knee twisted, and minutes later coming back with two huge bone-crunching tackles to help sap that last bit of hope out of the Storm. It is a very unfair/biased person that says they didn't deserve to win. A little lucky maybe, but not undeserving.

Freo Dockers vs. Westcoast Eagles any live video or radio sites?

yep the ref certainly made alot of "bad" calls.

Why carnt we still see the football on goood friday thay are shoing the rubgy?

Oh well the Storm won a Grand Final in 1999 on the back of ref and video ref decisions. Even saying that the penalty try was fair (Saints fans say it wasn't, Storm fans say it was) the Tony Martin try was from a pass that went at least 4m's forward,what a disgracful ref/touchie call. Take those points away and Saints win but nobody cares about that. Storm premiers in 1999 and Broncos premiers in 2006 is all the record books will say. You win some and you lose some. See it all evens out.

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