Do you think that the swans were just off game in the GF?

My personal belief is that they were so hyped up they didnt do the swan thing. you know, slowing it down, taking their time. It was almost like everytime they got the ball they were foccussing so hard on not letting east coast get it they didnt slow down and control themselves. Any ideas on barry hall? couldnt even kick a goal =|


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It's real hard to slow the tempo when your opponents pressure you so much and were meaner than last year. Eagles threw so many things at them including the kitchen sink. the smutherd kicked by daniel Chick at the last quarter and harrasing the swans ball carrier whenever possible is just a lot of pressure to handle!

Also the Eagles played man on man whenever Swans had the ball because the Eagles know (or think) their players are better than whoever they are manning up.

(taken from another post i responded to)
Can't blame Barry Hall. he's a legend i give you that. For much of the match Worsfold put three defenders to choke him and his other forward team mate up. And these three defenders ain't your average eagles players. they are good ones. (glass, wirrapanda and some other bloke). barry got flustered so he could not kick straight so he decides to tangle with the other eagles players. in the end he could not do much except roos could have shifted him to other position so he could be more productive.

During the last quarter worsfold pushed his good and experience players back into the centre half so there isn't really much the great swans forwards could do except to take risks by kicking long, high and towards the goal.

This game was won by a team that has the greatest number of stars which is West Coast Eagles but Sydney did really well to fight till the end. unless a great deal of luck on their side, they would not have won because of the last quarter tactics that worsfold enforced.I bet they knew that Eagles are really two man short in the field coz their stars Chris Judd (who's going to have shoulder surgery) and Kerr were injured but were on the filed playing purely as moral supports to their team mates.

Well done WCE.

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I can tell you exactly why the swans were off their game! my husband put $50 on them to win. Anything he backs is gonna lose. The things sandgropers will do to make sure they win a final. I was sad because I am from NSW.
I guess Barry Hall ran out of "puff" after all every game they say he huffs and puffs!
Have a good one and if I am up printing uni assignments at 1:45am you must be up really really late!

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Looking back on the game yes they could have been just off on the day they did play well to come back they do play well against EAST Coast
Big Bad Barry well i am sure he tried but everybody can have a bad day
i am sure they will be up there again next year for all there true blue fans

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Hey look, they could have had an "off day" but a team cannot afford to have an "off day" in a Grand Final. When will people jump off the friggen Swans bandwagon?!? They are not that great a team and I am tipping they won't even make the 8 next year.

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Meh, I guess they were really nervous. They made some early critical errors, and allowed the Eagles to score a few goals early on. It's a shame Barry Hall didn't get his hands on the ball as often as required, as he had a stunner of a game beforehand, and is always booting goals like mad. Maybe the West Coast defender on Hall was really good...

I think the Swans really had a good chance. In the second half, they really shot up and scored some much needed goals. Paul Roos must have given them a showing. Still, it wasn't enough, and I've gotta say it was a very nerve-wracking game to watch. Needless to say, when the final siren went, I was gutted.

Oh well, there is always next year... Gotta say Ted Richards and Tadhg Kennelly had a stunning game, as did Nick Davis. Too bad he couldn't save us.

Freo. are not going to get any better till they get rid of their weak as water coach.?

Barry Hall certainly was.

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