Are the Austrailan Football rules different then in the US and is it played the same as in the US?

I love football..gooooooooo Colts!


AFL 2007 -who will be the improvers and fallers.?

Heck no Jenny. We play Soccer, Rugby Union, AFL and Rugby League. Our game is so physical. No mountainous padding just raw contact and skill. It requires an enormous amount of fitness. Our players are interchanged throughout the game but they can not go onto the field to just kick a goal or something as they do in American Football. It would be so hard to explain all the games to you so here are some links that you can check out and they will give you all the information you need. People out here are so passionate about our football games. It's rough n tumble.



Hope they help you a little to get to know our great games.

Do you think the play-the-ball rule is a joke?

no much different... Do you recall seeing in any USA football game any kangaroos on the field ?

Has anyone seen a better AFL grand final than todays ? since 1989. that was close !!?

no it is all different in Aussie we play REAL football not that pansy game you play in the USA i watched it once & couldent see the players for all the padding they had on

How can I watch Collingwood games in the US?

No way! The Aussie's play a much better game. They used to show them on ESPN during the networks early years. I wish they would show them again. The officials were kind of dorky, but the game is pure slam bam hard knocks. Kinda comparable to rugby.

Oh, and by the way..GOOOOOOOOOO Bengals!

What state are the reds from!?

no way australian football is the worlds best game. its more about FOOT and HAND skills rather than gay monsters running into each other with mountains of padding. afl you kick the ball though sticks at either end of the ground but you also tackle handball take marks (catch the ball and take time to take your kick instead of running off - most of the time you run off but near goals you take time). Also the ball is better suited for kicking than throwing - it isnt so pointy. you know ben graham who plays american football now? he played aussie rules and could kick the ball over 90m. hes too old for afl now thats why he moved on afl requires more fitness


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