Do you think the obstruction rule is a joke?

It seems to me that attacking teams are being punished for playing good rugby league. Decoy runners have been around for a long time in league and I am so sick and tired of Phil Gould banging on and on about it.


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they have now changed it bak to normal
and i agree with you phil gould should shut his gobber for at least 1 minute every game he just goes on and on and on
its annoying to hell
and it was a joke
they only used it in the 1st grade
not flegg or premier league

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Phil Gould should get over it... the obstruction rule sucks... sometimes it is not even a obstruvtion and the ref gives a penalty, the should get rid of it... decoy runners should be allowed just like Gritine... well sort of like that!

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yes, people are getting pulled up for tackling the decoy when that is what the plan was. If someone is fooled by the decoy and the decoy holds a straight line when he runs then why should they be punished, they should only be penalised if they change the direction of their run

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Yeh its a joke, I remember playing Flegg years ago and it was mostly face balls and block balls, Remember the old "sheppard" move and avoiding it by rasing your arms in the air ! I would be in trouble now if i was Coaching again !

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