Did you ever hear of the sports gaelic or hurling??


Were was the first Rugby League game played and who played in it?

Both sports are Irish national sports. Gaelic football is played with a round ball where two teams try to kick the ball into a soccer style net or between four tall posts to score points. The sport has a wide range of skills from catching, kicking, carrying and throwing.

Hurling is similar to la cross or hockey where players have a stick with a curved indentation on the end for scooping the ball up. The ball is small and hard. As with Gaelic the objective is to score goals. Much freer then hockey it allows use of the hands for catching and throwing as well as use of the stick.

American indoor football league schedule?

national Irish games. Hurling is known to be the fastest ball sport in the world

Who's telecasting the 2007 Rugby World Cup in Oz?


Who do you think will win the NRL title this year? The Melbourne Storm?

I play gaelic football in Brisbane, Australia. It's a great game, not as phisical as rugby but still a tough game.

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