Aussies.What are the standard competitive sports in your school systems?

In the U.S. most schools all have baseball,american football,basketball,track & field, and cross country running.


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I am at school at the moment and i can give you a list of the sports we do:

1. Cricket
2. Rugby Union (more in High schools than Primary)
3. Rugby League (played in both)
4. Soccer
5. Tennis
6. Water Polo (Big at my school because we have a couple of good'ns)
7. Australian Rules Football sometimes
8. Netball
9. Basketball (Once again, some very good students so very big.)
10. Atheletics + Swimming
11. Touch Football
12. Grade Sport*

*This involves students selecting a sport or recreation activity that they would like to participate in each week. (Bushwalking, Tennis, Ping Pong, Touch Football etc.)

There are so many more but this covers the standard ones.

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It has been a while since I was at school, but I will take a guess.
Sports played, would also depend on which state you are currently in, as most states control their own education. Ie, it is not a national standard. The sports include:
Australian Rules (AFL)
Rugby Union
Rugby League
Football (Soccer)
Track and Field
Swimming and Diving
They also have lessons for Surfing, do not know if there is a competition for it or not.
I know there is a senior American Football League, but unsure whether you can play at school.

I totally forgot about Softball and Basketball.
There could be more though.

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At the school I went to, AFL was banned because it was thought to be too rough for the playground. We had to play soccer in winter, and cricket in summer, and weren't allowed to swap sports until we got permission from the teachers. One year the teachers forgot to give us permission to play cricket, so we had to play soccer through the whole summer.

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i dunno.

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Australia doesn't really have school sporting systems.

The top level of junior sport is played through out-of-school clubs.

Schools do have sports teams, but among the athletes it's considered fun, a chance to play with your school mates who you might play against on a saturday and a chance to get out of class.

If I has to say something I would say Cricket would be the most traditional, serious, and prestigious. But like I said, it's really all about club teams.

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When I was in high school it was:

Australian Rules Football
Football (soccer)
Athletics (in particular cross-country)
Table Tennis
Netball (though in my all-boys school, guys just signed up for this one because the teacher was hot)

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Axelr has it all wrong,Australian schools have all the sports including the same as the states and more like, 10 pin bowling,golf and badminton

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soccer, rugby union or league, and cricket

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