Does anyone else think soccer is for?

Is for wimps and kids who's parents don't want them to get hurt ??


Is AFL the stupidist sport in the world?

Guilty as charged. I got my kids into soccer for that very reason. I was scared of them getting hurt in scrums etc, but it is a game of skill.

Ok hi why cannot i get a sn for the cause i need one ok thank you for lising to me and my great talk

Couldn't you say the same about baseball..? I think they only sport where you actually get hurt is football n hockey(aside from fighting). I dunno don't people get kicked alot in soccer? I'm not a sports guy.

Who are the top contenders for the Brownlow Medal this year?

you haven't see a pro soccer game have you... they get hammered sometimes.. @_@

What Wallabies line-up should the selectors choose for upcoming Test against England?

no way soccer is a sport of great skill, id like 2 c try it, many break bones, and cant play etc. so it is in no way a sport 4 wimps

Who is Andrew Johns?

Well, whenver I played soccer in school I would always get hit in the eye with the ball by a kid that winds up and blasts the ball with all his might...from only 10 feet away. OUCH!

I don't see soccer as a pansy sport at all. A sporting magazine once called soccer the most strenuous sport of all sports, since the field is so huge and the players are using their legs constantly. In baseball and football, and even sometimes basketball, it is possible to have overweight players with a belly, but in soccer you will never see that.

Who think brisbane lions can win comp this year?

Yeh it is a bit wanted my kid to play league but was overuled he plays league now after 5 years of soccer and is filthy with me he didnt play earlier.I dont get how soccer is the most popular game in the world am i biased or is league like 100 times faster tougher and skillful

Who hates sport on Weekends?

no... just look at McBride after the US vs Italy game. i think american football is pretty wimpy tho, look at all the padding on the players, and then compare it a real game like to rugby.

Noel Cleal... Legend or God?

That's a stupid Question soccer is a good sport and is just as dangerous as the other sports--getting hit in the balls hurts just because your country sucks at soccer amateurs!!

Fave sport?

If you think the reason of sports is getting injured , then you're on the wrong lane .Soccer is as good as any other sport, you dont have to practice it . ;-)

Which is more physically demanding. american or australian football.and why?


Which is your favourite pub to watch to footy and why is it so great?

Ronaldo,Maradonna,Pele,Bobby Charlton,George Best,Harry Kewel,Kenny Dalgliesh,Craig Johston,Johnny Warren, how dare you call these great men whimps.Parents don't like their children to get hurt no matter what game they play.It's not the winning and losing that counts, it's how you play the game.

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