Delet cookies?


DId VTech Won there Game against Bulldogs? Go Hokies?

If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows XP, the directions are available if you click Help on the IE menu and then search for delete cookies:

To delete a cookie

In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
On the General tab, click Settings, and then click View files.
Select the cookie you want to delete, and then, on the File menu, click Delete.

Some Web sites store your member name and password or other personally identifiable information about you in a cookie; therefore, if you delete a cookie, you may need to re-enter this information the next time you visit the site.
To delete all of the cookies on your computer, click Delete Cookies on the General tab.

What's it mean?

What are delet cookies? I've never tasted them.

Which footballer from the magpies is betta looking?

are you asking how to delete cookies on your computer? if you are then go into TOOLS up on the top go to internet options then delete the cookies at least that is how i do it if that is what you wanted to know. no if you are asking about some kind of cookie I have no idea what you are talking about.

After 2 rounds who do u see winning the comp?

Go to start>control panel>internet options>click on delete cookies, while your at it, good to clear history also, clogs up your system

What the hell is Aussie football?

Check this link out.

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