Can dangerous tackles ever be eliminated entirely from rugby league?


What's the difference between rugby and Australian football?

No, being a body contact sport, it is often accidental. Players act out of reflex. But spear tackles should be eliminated and offending players should be banned for life.

What team to you go for in AFL?

Not unless it becomes non-contact. ie touch. Sometimes it is instinctive to lash out creating dangerous tackles. A fight/flight response.

Is anyone a brisbane broncos fan?

no thats the fun of watching it

I am thinking a lot with aussie football? Actually how to play this game.. it is kinda weird game. Did u agree

Accidents will always occur. You have a situation where people are under stress, they are tired, possibly frustrated and aggressive, the crowd is baying for blood and they are supposed to grab hold of someone and put them to the ground whilst both he and his opponent are running. I think it is like saying "will road accidents ever be non existent?" - there are too many elements that can't be controlled, no matter how harsh the penalty

Is sonny bill is gay or shy?

it would be like taking sledging out of cricket

About football pleasse help?

i dont think they are done intentionally as im sure no player wants to hurt a fellow player. there are serious risks with head highs and spear tackles and they should be eliminated from the game. at the time of the tackle the player is only thinking of one thing and that is stopping the opposition from moving forward.

What do you think of Craig Wing?

it'd be good if they could but boys will be boys!

Should the nrl sack steve clark from the rest of the nrl finals ?

no. Due to the emphasis on strong defense. Some players will push the edge. The closest you can come to is change the tackle styles of the young kids that play and keep at it.

Rugby League Tri Nations Competition...who will win? Aussies, Kiwis or Great Britain...?

No. There will always be the boffins who are out to hurt an opposition player.
My feelings are they should be banned for life.

What air pressure is a Aussie rules football pumped up to before a game.? thanks.?

They haven't yet and they wont be.How could this be policed

Why is it called a "try" in Rubgy League?

You're kidding right? What is the difference between a tackle and a dangerous tackle? Who will decide? Besides who wants to watch a bunch of men running around gently touching each other?

Rugby :what has happen to the Waratahs do they need some springbok players?

I hope not. its already been toned down enough. its turning the game into a poofters game.

How many more chances does Chris Walker need?

it would be nice to have them elimated before somone is seriously hurt or even killed..... why should it take a tragedy before we take action

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