Who do u think is the least liked afl team? who do you go for?


Which team has the most feral supporters? Are Port Adelaide's worse than Collingwoods?

I would have to say Carlton and all of the West Coast teams get stick too. The Eagles really got up people's noses when they were winning.

Go the Roos.

What are the rules for a scrum in rugby union?

The Auckland Blues? Are you talking about Aussie Rules?

How many players total play in AFL in each team? Australian Football League?

Collingwood seems to be the team everyone dislikes - maybe because Eddie McGuire is in charge...
Go Swannies!

Is it true that the ANZAC Day AFL game is not happening?

Collingwood has always been the butt of jokes for fans of almost every other team, with Carlton probably a close second. The Fremantle Dockers get laughed at too but they're too hopeless to dislike.

Who will win the AFL Grand Series this year?

Carlton (the Blues) tend to rub some people the wrong way
Go the Demons!

What would you think of arsenal fc in 5 years time?

Probably North Melbourne as they have won a couple of premierships and their membership is still not as high as the Pies or Bombers would be if they were in the same position (I have nothing against them though). They should go to Canberra or the Gold Coast to help win more people to our great game. I'd wish them blessings if they did.
Go the BLOODS (Swans)

Does any one go for the sydney city roosters?

Not many Melburnians like the Adelaide teams - especially when they are winning! Go the mighty Swans!!

What does being "number one ticketholder" at a footy club actually mean?

Collingwood. What's semen and a Collingwood supporter got in common? A one in a million chance of becoming a human being. Go Bombers

How many games did Rod Wishart play for Australia?

I hate Brisbane


Will South Sydney get 'wooden spoon' in NRL this year? If not, who will?

I'm a Hawthorn supporter. Least liked AFL team has to be Collingwood. Which is bizarre really, because they'd also have to be the most loved AFL team as well. There's plenty of clubs that neutral supporters don't really care about, but EVERYONE has an opinion on Collingwood. If you don't barrack for them, chances are you can't stand them.

Im looking for carlton footy club bebo groups or afl bebo groups any help?

hahahah yep I would have to say Collingwood. Eddie and Mick are annoying. I used to dilike Carlton, because they had never gotten the wooden spoon. But they have now, so they are fine. I disliked indivudal players like Wayne Carey because he is talented, but seems like a poor individual off the field.
Damn my team lost tonight. . .but GO THE LIONS anyway :)

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